Buy It-Sell It-Live Vendor Partnership Program

Buy It- Sell It- Live Vendor Partnership Program

Are you a local retailer, pawn shop owner,reseller or a full-time flipper looking for a online space to sell your product with less competition and more business and visibility? Well we are looking for select partners who would like to join our Mom & Pop Vendor Network.

Here is what we are looking for from all Niches Online Retailers and Resellers:

Retailers or Resellers who really have a divine connection helping people not just customers.

Retailers or Resellers who really have a passion for what they do & want to be Brand Ambassadors for our Community and the industry with lots of Fun Energy.

Retailers or Resellers that do not mind suggesting ways we can better our community.

Retailers or Resellers with a good size inventory of product at least 100-1000 products.

Retailers or Resellers that have an actual manifests of their products for us to promote.

What we are seeking resellers in the immediate is:

1.Pallet Warehouse Owners
2.Collectibles and Antiques

3.Comic Book Collectors 
4.Sneakerhead Resellers

5.Market Place Admins
6.Estate Sale Owners 

7.Jeweler Resellers
8.Clothing Resellers

9.Clothing Resellers
10.Watch Resellers

11.Pallet Flippers
12.Auto Resellers

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